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Pradeep Kumar KP
is an Independent Consultant  for CNC Machinery. He has specialized in CNC Router Machines for different application areas. He gives the best solutions in CNC Routing and the best machine option to suite your requirements. He has very good exposure to Indian and International Markets and to various brands in CNC Router. He can be consulted for buying and selling CNC Routers. Also for Training in CNC Router Operations ,Designing,and Programing in CAD/CAM Software.He provide application knowledge of CNC Router in Wood Working, Signage, Plastic cutting,Pattern making and many other fields where CNC Routers are used. He give direct consultancy on appointment and he can be contacted  by phone / email.

He conduct Seminar / Training  session regularly. For more information,please mail to

CNC Router Machines are used in  many application areas and various models are available in the Market with different size ,power ,speed,accuracy,and other additional features to suite those applications.

CNC Router gives more flexibility in manufacturing process. Investing in CNC Router can serve general, specialized and multi purpose machining needs.CNC Router can be used for different type of applications in wood itself, like, Door carving, Interior and exterior decoration, wood paneling, sign board, wooden frames, moulding, panels, and cabinet making, musical instruments, furniture manufacturing, gift items, wooden patterns etc...

The general application areas of CNC Router are in wood working, signage industries, furniture, architect and builders for interiors, industrial prototyping, decoration etc..

The materials commonly machined using CNC Router are all type of Natural and Artificial wood, plastics, rubber, aluminium sheets, ACM, lime stone ,marble, sythetic materials etc....

CNC router is imperative for every machine shop. Especially where there is scarcity of skilled carpenters and where consistency and productivity is important. There are many other advantages to  Shop having CNC Router. CNC Router has the capability for non-stop machining of identical jobs. There is very less manual supervision is required. So those operators can perform additional tasks. If skilled carpenters are not available, any one can get easily trained to perform the job in CNC Router. CNC Router gives job consistency and repeatability. The quality of work done on CNC Router is high and it improves productivity.

It is easy to work with design changes and to produce highly detailed and complex designs. CNC Router Reduces the waste of wood, frequency of errors during work and time to reach the finished product in the market. CNC Router can take the role of many basic carpentry shop machines like panel saw, spindle moulder, boring machine, tennon, and mortiser ,copy shaper etc.. It may be used to machine a part, requiring several operations such as cutting, grooving, carving, tennoning, mortising, boring, to plain surface etc…

Buyers of this machine are more concerned with Return of Investment (RoI), suitability and adaptability of this machine for them, because this may not be a tested technology in their known neighbour’s shop. Customer’s creativity and marketing ability is the limit of profitability and Machine supplier’s support is the foundation for success in CNC Router applications.                      

As you know CNC Router is not just a Mechanical Machinery, it has electrical, electronic and computer systems. CNC router can be controlled directly by manual programming. But the full potential of the machine can be derived only if CNC Routers are controlled from files created by CAD/CAM software. So the user has to be trained not only machine operation but also CAD/CAM applications.


There are high end CNC routers which are controlled by Robots and having Artificial Intelligence with many more features and advantages, other than mentioned above.


Have n't yet bought a CNC Router yet? Is it mean that you have n't realize the power of technology? Don't you like to go for higher return on investment from the business? Don't you ever tried to improve the quality of the products? Don't you thought of faster delivery of  products to customers? Don't you like to try something different from others? Please feel free to contact for more information.

Training Programmes

You may attend any of the below training to improve productivity,quality, creativity and profitability using CNC Router.Also provided customised training at your machine site.

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